Our FAQ page is designed to answer your most frequently asked questions about our products/services. From shipping and returns to payment methods and product features, our comprehensive list of questions and answers will help you find the information you need quickly and easily. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us for further assistance. We are here to help and make your experience with us as smooth as possible.

General FAQ's

How can I book with Calligraphysunday ?
Send an email in the contact section. You need to be specific and concise with the questions you have. For invitations, you need to mention the name and number of invitations and the instructions will be sent to you by email only. For other items, you can direclt process in the online shop. To book for on-site event , you may send an email as well.
I want to get a completely customized invitations. Is that possible ?
Yes it is possible but note that it will take more time, thinking about the meetings to have the right information received and the printing process to be reviewed closer than usual to avoid mistakes and wrong printing files - size and colours.
How does the shipping work ?
Yes we ship worldwide as long as there is a postal service that would ship the products to customers. We always recommend to use express services such as DHL / Fedex / UPS.
Are your products in the shop available to ship anywhere in the world ?
Yes, we ship around the world with UPS and DHL. If shipments are located in France and Belgium, it will be with local delivery companies. Prices will be adapted for the delivery, according to where you live at the payment costs. Note that there will be a possibility to have a tracking number.
Do you offer sales, discounts or price matching ?
We do offer sales during the year. If you have been registered to have newsletters you will receive special promo on our products and invitations upon notifications. Unfortunately no price matching are applicable.

Everything to know about the invitations

How does the semi-custom process work ?
Visit our Invitations Suites Page and choose the collection you want to order from. Add the products in the quantities, type of paper and the printing method that you wish to use. Add any embellishment’s such as ribbons, calligraphy addressing and wax seal.
I realized I sent you a wrong address - How do I make the correction ?
When you fill in the file with the details for each invities you wish on having a calligraphy addressing, all of the address will be checked with mapping tools. You will be asked to verify your listing twice before the work start date. If you have made a mistake, you have 48hrs to signify to The Studio because there is a margin of error that is acceptable.
I need to order more invitation than initially ordered. What should I do ?
You have 5 working days to conclude the final decision regarding the invitee list (Provided when bookings ). There is no possibility to change or add information after the “allowed for changes” 5 working days. Make sure you have invited everyone you want. You can have a guide on how to make your invitee list in the Bridal Guide.
I want to customize certain parts of the semi-custom suite. Is that possible ?
No. The semi custom invitations are the one the Studio created and there is no possibility on making change on our own products. For that to happen, you are invited to create a personalised invitation.
How do you inform me about the status of my invitations ? Do you do rush expedite as well ?
Every two weeks you will be informed about the process, what has been done and other details. Depending on your estimated due date, we will let you know if your desired date is possible or not. If yes, then we will charge a rush fee depending on how close the estimate due date is. Note the important following information : Client agrees that there are costs associated with rushing projects to completion. Client will need to inform the artist, and the artist will need to approve the rush based on the schedule of the artist and the printer. Rush fees may vary from 25-50%, depending on how soon the projects need to be completed. The Studio will inform the client, and with the client approval, proceed with rushing orders.
I received envelopes with the addresses incorrectly handwritten. What do I do ?
If it is Calligraphy sunday’s mistake, we will re-write and ship it for free depending on our availability. If we are for any reason unable to do so, we will refund the charge for envelope addressing for the number that was incorrect. But if it is the client’s fault, the regular envelope calligraphy charges will be charged plus the shipping.
Are your invitations available to ship worldwide ?
Yes, they are, as long as DHL or UPS would ship to them.
Who owns the designs once produced ?
Calligraphy Sunday retains rights to the designs that they create. If you would like to get exclusive rights to the designs, please inform us and we will provide you with an appropriate quote. We also retain the rights to post your invitations and wedding paper on social media. If there is an issue with posting your invitations and wedding paper on social media, please let us know beforehand.
Can you explain the shipping process ?
Shipping will be charged to you once the items are ready to ship. For international orders, DHL or UPS will be used for shipping. DHL does only express shipping, but you will receive the invitations within 2-5 business days. UPS ground can take longer, around 7-10 business days but can be more economical depending on the weight of the package. Calligraphy Sunday is not liable for lost, damaged or delayed shipments.
What is your return/exchange / cancellation policy for semi-custom wedding invitations ?
Cancellation fees are due based on the amount of work completed. The client agrees to accept Artist’s good faith estimation of how much work as been completed. In general, “Design work” comprises of 50% of the invoice, and “Printing work” comprises of 50% of the invoice. The entire order invoice is refundable only when the project is not yet processed, before the “content required” status has taken place.
Once the artist has sent the content form to be filled out, 10% of the entire invoice is no longer refundable. Once the artist has received the content form back from the client, 20% of the entire invoice is no longer refundable. Once the artist has begun the design work, whether or not the first design proof has been sent, whether or not there has been any revision rounds, 50% of the entire invoice is no longer refundable. Once the artwork has been approved and the items are sent to print, 100% of the entire invoice is no longer refundable. Important to note : The artist is not responsible for incorrect text that has been approved for print by the client. Once the project has been printed and assembled, 100% of the entire invoice is no longer refundable. Once the project leave the artist’s studio for shipping, the artist is not responsible for any loss, delay, or damage to the product. The client is responsible for all shipping, custom and duties fees. Shipping charges will be charged once items are shipped. Due to the handmade nature of our projects, our projects are not eligible for return, exchange or refund. If it is determined that there is an error on the artist side, due to printing, depending on the schedule the artist will pay for reprint and the shipping costs, or will provide a refund based on the amount of work that needs to be reprinted. Client agrees to accept the artist’s good faith estimation on how much will need to be refunded. If is determined that there is an error on the artist side due to handwritten portions, depending on the schedule, the artist will rewrite the work and pay for shipping costs, or will provide a refund based on the amount of work that needs to be reprinted. Again, the client agrees to accept the artist’s good faith estimation on how much will need to be refunded.