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Where to start ?

How to start your journey no matter the hobby detailed here 


Beginner Tips

All the tips and tricks needed to start your calligraphy journey without doubts nor questions 


Calligraphy scripts and usage - 1

A full description of all the different calligraphy script you can learn and master


Calligraphy scripts and usage - 2

A full description of the arabic and asian calligraphy styles you can learn and master 

Sans titre

Digital calligraphy

Learn the good things you could do with calligraphy in your daily creative activities and scrapbooking


Calligraphy Gift ideas

Learn how calligraphy can add the touch for your gifts and cards


Supplies and Suppliers

Everything you need to know about the suppliers and supplyies you need to start your calligraphy journey


Technical Terms and Tools

When you start a new journey , you need to learn the terms otherwise frustration will take place 


Calligraphy courses

Instead of learning by yourself, make sure you learn from the best 

calli drawing

Calligraphy and drawing

With certain techniques, you can actually use letters and drills to create beautiful shapes and even draw with calligraphy !


History class 1 - Calligraphy

Take a small calligraphy class and discover how long it has been present and how it changed over time 


History class 2 - Engraving

More about art , learn a little bit about where and how engraving comes from,  where it is used and how !


Calligraphy and Watercolour

Learn the techniques on how ton combine calligraphy and watercolour and enhance your art pieces 

Untitled design (10)

The Guide Sheets

No matter how far you are in your calligraphy journey, you will still need guide sheets ! 

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Calligraphy ink

Besides the dip pen or oblique, to write, .. you need ink. But not everyone know  about the kind and the texture and the usage of ink 


Calligraphy nibs

Different type of nibs for different calligraphy scripts


Calligraphy painting

When calligraphy is used for painting and directions 


Papers - Handmade vs Watercolour

Different types of paper for different usage and combinations for special occasions